Reliable & Professional Hurricane Shutter Repair & Restoration

Reliable & Professional Hurricane Shutter Repair & RestorationReliable & Professional Hurricane Shutter Repair & RestorationReliable & Professional Hurricane Shutter Repair & Restoration

We service the whole west coast of Florida and have been experts in the field since 1997.


Hurricane Shutter Maintenance LLC


We would like to provide you with our hurricane shutter maintenance and let you know about our service.

The idea is to NOT WAIT until a hurricane near to find out that your shutters are not working properly because they have not been maintained and serviced.

  • We provide full repair and restoration on all types of shutters.

  • Prevent potential problems in the future.

  • Individualized Repair Option so that you can choose the service that’s right for your home or business.

  • Provide a full consultation to explain available options.

  • Customer Care

                         24/7 Emergency Service.

  • Free Estimates.

  • shutters will be inspected to unsure they are working properly. Any adjustments will be made as necessary. Accumulated debris will be removed from inside the hood as well as at the slats on both sides. Debris from the bottom slat and tracks will be removed as well. 

So feel free to call us to service your shutters or to answer any questions that you may have about maintenance.

When a storm is bearing down, we know it is essential that your hurricane protection works! You don't have time to look for parts or money to spend replacing pieces. Our service will close this time, money and service gap.  We will schedule service visits to ensure your system is at peak performance.

Hurricane Shutters Provides Excellent Security, Heating & Lighting Control, And Protection From High Winds and Storms

Hurricane Shutters Provides Heating & lighting control, Excellent Security, Protection From High Winds and Storms

Hurricane  shutters are good for heating and lighting control. Lowering the shutter  half-way reduces glare, reduces furniture-fading, UV light entering your  home, reduces radiant heat transfer, and resulting in less demand  on  your AC unit and some customers report up to a 25% reduction in summer  electric bills.

Hurricane shutters are an extremely versatile tool for both homeowners and businesses. Shutters can be used to protect your home or businesses from theft, vandalism, or protect from criminal activity.

Most  hurricane Shutters are made of extruded aluminum tested to withstand  sustained winds up to 185 mph, which would be a category four hurricane

Motorized  rolling shutters come with high-quality motors that easily handle the  weight of the shutter and stand up to repeated operation. Which means  you can expect smooth, efficient operation with years of trouble-free  service.

Not only will it protect your home or  businesses property but it will also bring down insurance costs in most cases!!!

BEWARE!!!  Some shutters companies try to cut corners by installing cheap storm  shutters made with material that fail to meet or barely meet insurance  standards and may not hold up when you need protection the most along  with cheap motors that will not dependably lift the weight of the  shutter curtain.  A small motor not rated to continuously raise and  lower the weight of the shutter results in motor strain, slow shutter  deployment, motors that fail years sooner than they should and result in  costly repair that would have been avoided with a properly sized motor.  We care about our customers that's why we would like to inspect your  shutters and maintenance them if needed.


24 Hour Emergency Service Available

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. 

For emergency service, please contact us by phone. 

Our goal is to save you both time and money by combining our long experience, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. 


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